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Promotional Items Personalized Gifts

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High quality promotional

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ImprintToday Terms & Condition

Before you order these are the things we want you to know. Consider us one of the best promotional products craftsmans in the United States. We have been manufacturing promotional gifts for over 30 years and our goal is to bring your coffee cup idea to life. If you look around, you’ll find our products everywhere just name it; from shopping malls, gift stores, wedding events, schools, charity fundraisers, even at your job or home. Most likely a mug is sitting on your desk right now with a custom logo printed by us. Now that you know, let’s begin our journey in making you the perfect cup.

Order Acknowledgement

Orders must be paid in full before we manufacture any goods or send virtual proofs.

Artwork Sample Proofs & Product Samples. 

Proofs are only avaiable on request. Please email us at if you want to see a preview.  All order placed will be sent to production. 

Electronic Artwork Proof on request

We will do our best to scale and edit your artwork as best as possible to fit your need, but in some cases of design modifications any extra work required by our designs will include a service fee. These mock-up/virtual proofs may not be 100% accurate to the final production as they are in 2D rendering.

Product Samples

Products samples are by request only.

Setup Charge

A setup charge includes physical printing templates, graphic transfers, & machinery setup.


You may change your order anytime, but not during production. Once production is on going we cannot stop to make changes.

Multi Color Printing

Some of our printing techniques require that we print one color at a time, overlapping one color at a time. It is normal to be off in color registration. The tolerance level can be 1/16” - 1/8“ off aligned, thankfully our ImprintToday team has been printing for 30 years and our craftsman printers will do their best to make your graphic look onpoint.

Metallic Printing

We use real precious gold & silver metals on our Metallic Inks. They are not microwaveable.  Pricing may vary per impression. 

Artwork Specs

We recommend high resolution graphics and if you are having trouble with graphics to please call in for a design consultation. You can tell if you have a high quality graphic is when you zoom in 200% and that graphic is still visually clear. We can only print as good as your artwork quality.

We recommend vector graphics, ai, pdf, or photoshop psd files, font flattened and embedded. Also we accept high res jpeg, tif, png and last resort gif files. We cannot guarantee good quality printing if we receive pictures taken from your smartphones, hand drawn paper art or faxes, but we’ll try to go above and beyond.

File Formats


We can print as 45lpi halftones, lines as thin as .1 stroke, & 6pts font size. In some cases we have acheive to print even finer halftones, thinner strokes and 3pts fonts sizes all depending on the quality of artwork provided.

Production Time

 It will take 5-7 days to produce the goods.


We can rush out your order. See our service fee listed on our website checkout cart.


Our prices on the website can change from time to time. The more you order the more you’ll save. We excel in manufacturing large quantities. We’ll go to the stars to meet your needs.


You can cancel your order anytime. Service fees may apply if any graphic work is done to your order, or any any loss of production cost.


We are unable to take returns on customized goods, because we cannot reuse a product with your logo on it.


Shortage within your order may occur when there is a breakage, misprint, or defect within the product. We will contact you if the order is 5% or greater of your order has an issue, otherwise we'll ship your order short or possibly replace it with a similar item because we understand that sometimes these promotional items are event specific and we want to fulfil your purchase.  We will refund you the difference on any breakage or shortages that may occur. Breakages refunds will require a claim with the shipping carrier before it is credited.


We are all human right? If any case of any errors on our part, we will replace your goods at no extra charge.


Most orders ship out via UPS or USPS.

We will use LTL trucking companies for shipments that weigh over 150 lbs and these independent companies provides curve side delivery. Curve side delivery means they only deliver the goods to your warehouse dock, office lot, home street curve, or apartment parking lot. Please keep in mind these trucking companies are limited to where they can park and do not have equipment to take it inside your door. We highly recommend having someone receive the goods as they arrive.

Multiple Location Shipping

Please contact us for multi location shipments.


Our grade of products are high grade and reliable. Our prints are made to last and won't wear off ever!


You can find all types of product quality online from low to high. Don’t be fooled by the same look and designs from online retailers. Our products in the other hand are made with higher grade materials and is made to last. We understand how important it is to have a strong sturdy product that won't break apart.